Anti Ageing Academy of Serbia

by Medica Aesthetica Belgrade

Make your professional life more satisfying, fun and profitable 


  • Number 1 Educational Centre in SE Europe

  • Vast, a decade long experience of internationally renowned experts and educators cumulated into comprehensive courses

  • Hundreds of educated doctors who successfully changed or enriched their career path

  • Permanent and live cooperation with world’s most relevant aesthetic medical centers 

  • Thousands of satisfied patients across SE Europe


Antiaging Academy of Serbia was as an educational center where extensive experience of Medica Aesthetica and its medical associates has been formed into comprehensive, extensive and hands on courses on contemporary aesthetic procedures such as: dermal fillers, botox, mezzo-threads, PRP and other none-invasive esthetic treatments.

Medica Aesthetica Belgrade, the founder of Antiaging Academy is one of the first and well renowned esthetic medical centers in south-east Europe with more than a decade of successful professional experience in none-surgical aesthetic treatments on thousands of satisfied patients.

Anti-Aging Academy is proud of its internationally renowned leading educator dr. Marina Stolic who is famous for her uniquely and unselfishly revealing her vast experience and expertise on seminars across Europe.

Medica Aesthetica has developed tight, live and permanent cooperation with many of most relevant and world-wide known experts in the field of advanced application of dermal fillers, botox, PRP, chemical peels and mezzo therapy. Together, we provide comprehensive, hands-on, live seminars for doctors on the most contemporary, most advanced and most profitable techniques of aesthetic medicine.    
In the countries of ex-Yugoslavia, especially Serbia, the market of aesthetic treatments is developed above European average and we are proud to have been one of the most influential factors in shaping and developing this continuously fast growing market.


Update yourself with the most contemporary aesthetic medical treatments.

Educations for doctors


  • Get fully trained in order to safely and successfully apply aesthetic procedures

  • Obtain internationally recognized certificates and the right to independently practice aesthetic treatments

  • Courses start with an extensive and comprehensive theoretical education on medical and anatomical aspects the chosen aesthetic treatment.

Detailed handouts and presentations on the theoretical part of the education are provided.


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Educations for  beauticians


Practical experience of internationally renowned experts and educators cumulated into comprehensive courses for beauticians on the most contemporary anti-ageing treatments.

The most contemporary techniques. Treatments for every visitor of your beauty center. Expand the assortment of your services, increase the number of your patients.

Enjoy the permanent cooperation with Anti-Ageing Academy upon finishing of the course.


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Complete, Comprehensive, HANDS-ON Educations on:


  • Hyaluronic Fillers, Botox, PRP, Mezzo-Threads, Chemical peels, Mezzo-therapy
  • The most contemporary techniques
  • Internationally recognized certificates
  • Attendees get fully trained to practice independently
  • Practice on provided volunteers until you are fully comfortable with the technique
  • Extensive theoretical education on all relevant anatomical and medical aspects of aesthetic medicine
  • Post educational on-line support until you master the treatments





Impressions of satisfied users of our services:


Dr. Camille Dubois, Switzerland


Amassing how unselfishly Dr. Marina shared the tricks of trade which really make the difference in the quality of the treatments.

Dr. Faruk Jusufspahic, Bosnia


I was so nervous to put a needle into a patients`s face that my hands were shaking. However, the educators provided such a close and warm support that soon all fear disappeared and the patient was thankful and happy.




Schedule of incoming educations at Antiageing Academy


No# Month Date Subject
1. April 24.4.(Mon)-26.4. (Wed)

Hyaluronic fillers (basic course), Botox (full course)

2. May 11.5. (Thu) – 13.5. (Sat)

Hyaluronic fillers (basic course), Botox (full course)

3. June

26.6. (Mon)-28.6. (Wed)

Hyaluronic fillers (basic course), Botox (full course)

4. June 29.6. (Thu) - 1.7. (Sat)

Hyaluronic fillers (advance course), PRP and Mezzo-Threads (full course)

Training for doctors

Hyaluronic fillers (basic course) and Botox (advanced course)

Date: 24.04.(Monday) - 26.04.(Wednesday) 2017.

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