Anti Ageing Academy of Serbia

by Medica Aesthetica Belgrade

Educations for beauticians


Practical experience of internationally renowned experts and educators cumulated into comprehensive courses for beauticians on the most contemporary anti-ageing treatments:

Chemical peels - every single person's skin needs a chemical peel
Mezzo therapy - necessary for skin revitalization and ageing prevention

The most contemporary techniques. Treatments for every visitor of your beauty center. Expand the assortment of your services, increase the number of your patients. Enjoy the permanent cooperation with Anti-Ageing Academy upon finishing of the course.



Chemical peels:

  • Treatments of excellent choice for every person
  • Guaranteed positive effects
  • The simplest, the safest and the most profitable cosmetically treatments

Get practical knowledge on how to use chemical peels to successfully:

- Treat hyperpigmentation
- Remove acne scars and fine wrinkles
- Get instant glow and hydration of the skin


Practice the application of chemical peels in vivo under close supervision of our experts.


You will learn:

How to chose the right chemical peel for every patient?
How to combine different peels with other treatments ?
Possible complications and how to manage them.



Mezotherapy is necessary for skin rejuvenation and premature ageing prevention:


  • Directly enhance the synthesis of collagen which is the most vital element of skin´s firmness and elasticity
  • Removes free radicals which aggressively contribute to skin`s premature aging
  • Provide skin with essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other nutritive elements


Mezzo therapy provides fantastic effects in body treatments:
Unbelievable results in hair loss prevention and stimulation of hair growth
Known as none-surgical liposuction, mezotherapy is one the most efficient fat burning treatments 
Get knowledge on
How to chose the right treatment for every specific indication and skin type
How to chose the right one among the mezzo cocktails offered in the market
How to use different transdermal systems (mezoporation, derma-roller, derma pen...)
Right and most efficient mezzo therapy techniques 

Schedule of incoming educations at Antiageing Academy


No# Month Date Subject
1. April 24.4.(Mon)-26.4. (Wed)

Hyaluronic fillers (basic course), Botox (full course)

2. May 11.5. (Thu) – 13.5. (Sat)

Hyaluronic fillers (basic course), Botox (full course)

3. June

26.6. (Mon)-28.6. (Wed)

Hyaluronic fillers (basic course), Botox (full course)

4. June 29.6. (Thu) - 1.7. (Sat)

Hyaluronic fillers (advance course), PRP and Mezzo-Threads (full course)